Board Members

Vice President/Founding Member – Bryant Mainord

Bryant Mainord is an award winning writer/director/editor, born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Mainord is most known for his 4th feature film, “The Beekeepers”, produced by David Turnbull, and starring John Whitlock, and Jay Gourley. With strong roots in the Kevin Smith/ Judd Apatow genre of comedy films, he has also recently branched out into the musical, romantic drama, and horror genres. In addition to making his own films, Mainord has acted in various productions, ranging from small independent shorts (“Hell Yeah”, 2011; “Strictly Business”, 2008) to Hollywood feature films (The John Cusack/ Nicolas Cage film, “The Frozen Ground”, 2012). Mainord has taught several filmmaking workshops at film festivals, and continues to shoot multiple short films each year, only a fraction of which are actually sent out to film festivals for mass consumption.

Treasurer – Josh Lowman

Joshua Lowman has been a professional actor since 1979 and a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1983. After a brief hiatus in the mid 90’s he spent several years working at a rental house in Los Angeles and behind the camera on independent projects at AFI, USC, and UCLA. In 2000 marriage brought a change of priorities and then profession when he started working for Wells Fargo. He moved to Alaska the next year during Wells Fargo’s merger with National Bank of Alaska. His love of filmmaking was revived in 2009 with his role in the feature film “Beekeepers.” Since then he has worked in front and behind the camera on several productions, most recently as a host of Tri-Seven’s Alaska Filmmakers series. He has been volunteering with the Anchorage International Film Festival for the last 3 years and plans to return next year as the Features Programmer. Mr. Lowman was the Finance Director for last year’s Never Sets Film Festival and is currently serving on the Alaska Leadership Council for the American Diabetes Association and on the Board of Directors for Alaska Dance Theatre.


Founder- Beth Varner

Beth Varner has been involved with coordination of film festivals, including the Seattle International Film Festival and the Anchorage International Film Festival, for five years.  Recently, Beth’s skills as an organizer and manager as well as her passion for filmmaking has driven her to move into the role of Producer.

Founder- Dave Turnbull

David Turnbull started shooting video as a high school student in Seward. He found a group of like-minded individuals at UAA and started working with them on movie projects, including producing Bryant Mainord’s four feature-length film and several shorts.

 Founding Member – Paul Jones

Paul is a renaissance man whose activities include writing, directing, acting, and producing for the stage and screen. In the past he has worked extensively in youth arts education, and wrote movie reviews for the Anchorage Daily News as a child.He is a founding member of the Alaska Film Forum and now serves as its president. Paul has been making money by working on film and television production, but is now considering other options.