Open Projector Night

Open Projector Night is an open mic for filmmakers.
Uncensored and Unscreened, the short films of OPN are a snapshot of what’s happening in the Alaska indie film community. Presented at the Bear Tooth Theatre Pub for a night of good food, great drinks, and interesting films.

The show is all ages, but parental discretion is advised due to the unknown nature of the films. Violence, crewd humor, and nudity are all posibilities. Course language is almost guaranteed.
Submissions will be accepted on Saturday March 25th at 6pm at Bosco’s on Spenard.

Bring your film on a flash drive in .MP4 or .MOV format. Films of 10 minutes or less will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis until we have reached 90 minutes of programming. Also have a short description of your film (less than 100 words) in a file on the drive.

Digital .mp4 (H.264) or .mov video files on a flash drive are preferred. An HD Blu-Ray will be burned for the event.

**For best results, test your film in VLC
( ) before your bring it. **
** We can not guarantee your film will play based on dropoff. Technical difficulties may cause a film to be skipped. **
** Films will not screen in the order they are received. **

Check out our vide’s to learn more about OPN.